The Kyokuyo Group Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Kyokuyo’s corporate mission is “Aiming to grow together with society, contributing to a healthy and heart-enriched lifestyle and food culture based on management of human respect.” Based on this corporate mission, the management will take leadership to contribute to sustainable social development by considering environmental impacts, including climate change, throughout all our business activities and meeting the needs of the international society. As a global seafood company, we are committed to ensuring food safety and security by efficiently using natural resources to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems.

Basic Policies

1. Contribute to Sustainable Social Development Throughout Our Business Activities

We will strive energy saving, reduction of environmental impacts and pollution prevention by efficient use of natural resources, recycling of waste, conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems and social contribution activities at every stage of our business activities, including fishing, procurement, importation, processing, and logistics, marketing of marine resources, and involving all our partners from suppliers to consumers.

2. Commit to Improving Our Environmental Performance

We will operate an environmental management system. We will set environmental goals and review the results in order to continuously improve our environmental performance.

3. Comply with Environmental Laws and Regulation

We will strictly observe all applicable laws and regulations applied to our Group’s business activities and any other regulations related to the environments, as well as comply with own independent and spontaneous regulations.

4. Share Our Environmental Education Beyond the Kyokuyo Group to Help People Understand Our Environmental Policy

We will raise environmental awareness among all employees by sharing our environmental policy. We will disclose relevant information and engage in dialogue with our stakeholders to build a better society.