Kyokuyo was founded 1937 as a fishing company.

Kyokuyo Europe B.V.

Kyokuyo was founded in 1937 as a fishing company and has evolved into one of the world’s leading foodprocessing companies with an emphasis on seafood. Kyokuyo established two food processing plants inJapan in 1960 and in theearly 70’s established a cold storage facility and began Tuna operations on afleet of frozenatsea purse seine vessels.In the early 80’s, several more valueadded plants were established primarily for breading andproducing sauces for ready to eat items. We set up operations in Qingdao, China and Saigon, Vietnamfor reprocessing. In 2005, a joint venture with K&U Enterprises was created to concentrate on frozensushi and sushi toppings. The most recent addition for Kyokuyo was to set up Kyokuyo Global Seafood inThailand in 2020.Kyokuyo’s mission is to continue to strive to maintain your trust by supplying safe, high quality seafoodproducts to our customers.


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Kyokuyo has a well-established reputation for high-quality products due to our procurement capabilities and processing technologies accumulated over many years as a seafood professional.

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