We process fishes and shellfishes landed in sea of the world into a variety of form of foods such as slices or
materials for sushi topping in associated factories and sell them at markets such as the general merchandizing stores, restaurants and rotary SUSHI chains. All the professions from the food industry are placing high reliance on our expeditious processing technique which enables the taste and freshness of raw materials to be well preserved.

Frozen Boiled Butterfly White Shrimp 30pcs/Tray, 25Trays/Ctn
SZ: 8.0-8.5cm
Penaeus Vannamei

Frozen Blanched Squid Slice     20pcs/Tray, 25Trays/Ctn
SZ; 8gm
Loligo Formosana?

Frozen Raw Red Shrimp     50pcs/Tray, 20Trays/Ctn
SZ; M 7.4-7.7cm
SZ; KM 7.7-8.0cm
Pandalus Borealis

Frozen Blanched Octopus Slice    50pcs/Tray, 20Trays/Ctn
SZ; 8gm
Octopus graptus

Frozen Mackerel Slice     20pcs/Tray, 20Trays/Ctn
with Vinegar Seasoning
SZ; 8gm
Scomber Scombrus

Frozen Boiled Butterfly White Shrimp  120pcs/Tray,10Trays/Ctn
(SUSHI EBI)                                                 10 x 750gm carton
SZ: 8.0-8.5cm
Penaeus Vannamei

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