The company is one of group companies of Kyokuyo Co., Ltd., the major seafoods company worldwide, providing
safe and secured marine products and processed food product to customers throughout the world. Please visit the site ( to find more information about Kyokuyo.
The main business is sales, marketing and operation of worldwide trading. Our targets cover not only EU countries but also countries outside EU.

Kyokuyo makes full use of network of affiliated companies and the representative offices established in foreign countries and always obtain first-hand information on sight. While Kyokuyo purchases good quality seafoods with acute insight for screening marine products and delivers them widely to our customers, it also delivers them as raw materials for processing to be done in associated factories located in Japan and abroad.
Our affiliated company KYOKUYO SUISAN CO., LTD. operates four tuna purse seiners. These ships are fishing oceanic bonitos and tunas in Pacific sea area. These ships are equipped with the up-date facility and equipment and delivering good quality products.
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